Putting Your Business’s Video to Work

Here at Miami Video Production, we produce gorgeous professional videos for our clients to use for their businesses. Our clients have done their research and know that video puts them ahead of their competitors with great conversion rates, ROI, and consumer appeal. But how exactly are you supposed to use that video once everything is said and done and you have the fantastic project completed and sitting on your computer, ready to be shared with the world?

To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a couple of super simple and amazingly effective methods for you to use your video to its fullest potential.

Social Media

This one is pretty obvious to most people – these avenues are always worth exploring. Social media is the go-to method for any successful marketing campaigns. The reason? It’s accessible. The more views you have, the more chance you have of the video sticking. Social media is all about views and sharing, and it’s easy to get your video some great exposure. YouTube alone reports that every month, users are watching over 3 billion hours of video content. That’s a lot of opportunities to have viewers tune into your video.

Landing Page

Eyeview and Unbounce both found that including a video on your business’s landing page increases conversions by 80%. Placing video on your landing page is a great way to immediately clue your viewers into who you are as a business and what tone you promote. It’s a powerful point of reference that automatically draws people in, turning them from viewers, into customers.

Email Marketing

The great thing about including video in your email marketing is the flexibility it allows. Any type of video can play a part in an email marketing campaign, from general advertising videos to specific product descriptions. In a recent study by Implix, it was realized that including video in email marketing increases the clickthrough rate by 96% and even just saying the word ‘video’ in the subject increases email open rates by 19%.


In a step up from landing page videos, more and more businesses are showcasing their videos by including links to them in website notifications. Simple things like ‘Check out our new video here’ catches the eyes of viewers.

Product Page

If your video is product specific, don’t undermine the value of including it on the product page. Customers love being able to have a better view of a product, and it always leads to more purchases. Definitely combine this with other methods, but don’t doubt this simple option either.