Miami Video Production Process: A Guide

Video is a leading marketing tool at the moment, and many companies are jumping on the bandwagon. If you are one of those companies, it’s likely that you are excited and raring to make your first video but aren’t quite sure what the exact role you will play in the process. More than that, you probably aren’t sure what the process is at all. Here at Miami Video Production, we’ve prepared a step by step guide to show you exactly what goes down in the creation of your business’s video.

Step One: Things to Consider

The very first step in the whole process comes down to you. Decide on your audience, message, and product. These very basic core ideas are important to decide early on in the process so that the entire project can be focused and aimed just the way you want. Knowing who the audience of your video will be, what message you want to get across, and a core understanding of the product you’re advertising, is key to knowing what direction the project goes in.

Step Two: Scriptwriting Time

The key things to consider while writing up your script are as follows, and usually in this order:

1.     Who are you as a brand?

2.     What problem are you solving?

3.     What’s the solution to that problem?

4.     Will you include testimonials?

5.     What’s your call to action?

It’s important that we mention here the necessity of developing a team of individuals that will help develop the script and see the project through to the end. What is really key is that the same people who get collected here in step two, are the people who are consulted later on. Adding on newcomers halfway or seeking outside advice has the tendency to corrupt or muddy the original values you came up with in step one, so pick your team carefully and stick with it!

Step Three: The Talent

Here is where decisions will be made on voice talent and actors. Don’t fret though, your production team here at Miami Video Production has an abundance of experience with this and will be able to suggest some knockout choices.

Step Four: Film It!

Sit back and relax while the film crew gets to work!

Step Five: Cut #1

After the first cut, your video is usually around 80% complete and this will be your chance to view the work in progress.

Step Six: Input from the Team

You’ve just seen the first cut, now is your chance to input feedback! With your same core team members, you can double-check that everything is on the right track. It may be a good idea to have one or two key decision makers to make the final call on any disagreements within your team.

Step Seven: Cut #2

After your feedback, the production team will go back in to make more cuts. At this point, your video is approximately 90% completed.

Step Eight: More Input

Have any final edits or suggestions? Now is the time to speak up!

Step Nine: Final Cut

This step is simply the finishing touches and wrapping up any leftover edits.

Step Ten: Ready to go

All done! You video is ready to rock the world. That wasn’t so hard, was it?